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This is our own cyberspace. This week we will write our reflection on this site.

What are Digital Gardens?

Digital Gardens are safe and free cyberspaces where you can be as creative as you want

How do such websites differ from where most of us spend our time online?

In a time when social media and other apps have become major parts of our daily lives, it seems we have forgotten about all the diversity that Internet offers. Today more than ever, so much of our world revolves around technology, and data is collected and stored in cyberspace. For this reason, we should start to care more about online safety, and adjusting the Internet to suit our needs. Digital Gardens are a great example of how this can be accomplished. A Digital Garden is a website which offers a safer and quieter space on the Internet. It is made with care and allows freedom and safety for both the creator and the user. Nowadays, we have become accustomed to the way we see the Internet world via the most popular apps – Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Tiktok, and others. Opening websites that remind us a little too much of the old Internet can seem strange and overwhelming. But at the same time it is fascinating and eye-opening, as it reminds us how we can consume and create content that we want, and not simply scroll through what we are served on the recommended page. This way of using the Internet demands thinking outside the box, and creates hope for a safer and happier global village of our future.